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2023 Conference


MARCH 2-4, 2023


We are now accepting proposals for a variety of session styles. We welcome submissions from individuals or small groups of academic professionals, graduate/professional students, undergraduate students, or contemplative professionals in related fields.


Proposals are due by 11:59 pm Eastern Time US on Sunday, December 4, 2022.

We invite submissions for the
2023 CPHE Conference

Submissions are invited about contemplative practice, pedagogy, &/or research within diverse higher education settings that have not been presented elsewhere.


Suggested areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Contemplative pedagogy (CP) in higher education (HE)

  • CP-Research across domains of HE (liberal arts, performing arts, STEM, healthcare, etc.)

  • Leadership and management (e.g., university administration, campus-wide initiatives)

  • Health and wellness

  • Anti-racism, inclusion, and other social justice efforts

  • Environment and sustainability

  • Student communities and student life

  • Campus mindfulness


Registration Requirements

If your proposal is accepted, each presenter must register for the conference. The conference does not pay presenters an honorarium, reimburse expenses (e.g., travel, lodging, or copying), or waive conference registration fees.


We encourage submissions by professionals (in higher ed or related fields), graduate/professional students and undergraduates, including joint endeavors between students and faculty/staff as well as individual work. Submissions must be completed using THE 2023 PROPOSALS FORM. Submitters will be notified no later than Friday, January 13, 2022.

Please select one of the following session formats:

General Session - 60 minutes

Interactive presentations/workshops addressing some aspect of contemplative approaches in pedagogy (any field or discipline), curriculum, student affairs, student health, leadership/organizational development in higher education, or issues of major societal import. Sessions may include 1 or 2 presenters. General sessions should incorporate presenter remarks as well as active or experiential elements, such as contemplative practice(s). The facilitator should incorporate time for discussion/Q&A.

To Apply: Please indicate the session’s purpose, goals, and expected learning outcomes for participants.

Student-focused or Student-led Session - 30 minutes

These sessions focus specifically on students as their audience – or students (undergraduate, graduate or professional) as the presenters to share contemplative practice or pedagogy in which they are engaged. These sessions can take many forms. Sessions may include 1 or 2 presenters. Topics might include student-specific content, self-care and wellbeing, community engagement, or contemplative approaches to learning or campus life. Sessions focused on contemplative practices in health care education and/or patient care are welcomed.

To Apply: Please clearly state how the session will involve student participation and/or target student audiences, including a statement of the session’s purpose, goals, and expected learning outcomes for participants.

Research Talk - 30 minutes 

This type of presentation includes one paper or talk (preferably not read to the audience) on a focused topic for 20 minutes, with 10 minutes added for Q&A. Presenters can be professionals (faculty/staff), graduate/professional students, or undergraduate students.

To Apply: Research questions/hypotheses should be clearly articulated and address important questions relating to contemplative approaches in higher education. Significance of the problem should be justified. Please indicate the session’s purpose and learning outcomes for participants. 

Panel Discussion- 60 minutes

The panel should contain at least 3 panelists. This type of session includes brief opening presentations (5-7 minutes) from individual panelists on a selected topic and then discussion among those same panelists. Please note that a panel focuses on panelists’ presentation and interaction with one another, while a roundtable focuses on presenter-audience interaction. Please allow 10-15 minutes for audience Q&A and discussion.

To Apply: Please provide a detailed description of the session, listing all proposed panelists, explaining the relationship to contemplative practices, and the anticipated format of the session. Clearly indicate how the session will benefit attendees.

Roundtable  Conversation- 60 minutes

A roundtable should consist of 3 or more participants who have a topic to explore. The roundtable presenters begin by making brief (3-5 minutes per person) opening remarks about a selected topic, and the remainder of the session should feature interaction with the audience. Please note that, while a panel focuses on panelists’ presentation and interaction with one another, a roundtable focuses on presenter-audience interaction.

To Apply: Please provide a description of the session topic, clearly explaining the relationship to contemplative practices and how it will benefit the audience.

Contemplative Practice Session - 60 minutes

A Practice Session should include only brief remarks to provide context, and then focus on audience members learning to do something in a participatory way. Almost all of the period must be given over to group participation in the chosen contemplative practice. Allow time for processing and sharing.

To Apply: Please provide a description of the practice, grounded in a framework based on literature and include one or more references for the materials and/or approach used for the practice. Describe intended learning outcomes and anticipated benefits for the participants. 

Poster Presentation 

Poster sessions are designed to allow summaries of research, pedagogy and scholarship through engaged, individual conversation. The poster should include all relevant information, with a brief presentation/discussion by the presenter (2-5 minutes), and then informal discussion. Posters will be on display throughout the conference with presenters available for questions during a scheduled conference time. We strongly encourage student submissions (undergraduate or graduate/professional) for completed projects or work-in-progress.

To Apply: Please clearly state the focus of the poster (e.g., project, course, research, contemplative practice), including a statement of goals and objectives.

Proposals are due by 11:59 pm Eastern Time US on Sunday, December 4, 2022. Submission must be completed using the 2023 PROPOSAL FORM.

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