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About Us


The Contemplative Higher Education Alliance for Research, Teaching & Service (C-HEARTS) is building and sustaining an inclusive global community dedicated to cultivating contemplative practices within higher education by supporting research, integrating pedagogical techniques, and cultivating an alliance in service to self and others.

Our organization supports the growth of contemplative practices in higher education by providing opportunities for faculty, staff, students and interested contemplative practitioners and educators to engage in cross-institutional events, online opportunities and other sponsored activities. We welcome participants from across North America and around the globe, while maintaining a commitment to hosting our in-person gatherings across the U.S. Mid-Atlantic region in order to support a growing contemplative movement across institutions of higher education in this area.


Contemplation in Action

We interpret contemplative practices in a very wide sense, to include creative processes such as contemplative art or writing, movement practices such as yoga or Qigong, stillness practices such as meditation, generative practices such as visualization or loving-kindness, relational practices such as dialogue or deep listening, health and well-being practices, resiliency practices, intentional approaches to leadership, and engagement with critical issues in society and the biosphere such as social justice and environmental sustainability. The Tree of Contemplative Practices provides a helpful model showing many roots and branches of CP.


C-HEARTS activities include conferences, symposia, digital documents and resources related to contemplative education, retreats or other programs, and supporting research related to contemplative education.


We are always welcoming new members to our community. Faculty, staff, leaders, administrators, graduate and professional students, undergraduate students, as well as contemplative practitioners and teachers, educators from any discipline or age groups (including Pre-K and K-12) who are interested in contemplative approaches are all invited to JOIN OUR MAIL LIST and participate fully in any events or offerings.

C-HEARTS Executive Committee

The Executive Committee serves as a steering body to the organization, supporting the CPHE annual Conference as well as other activities of C-HEARTS and its members.

 Past Sponsors

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